Conference 2003


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Table of Contents from the 18th Conference Proceedings



11-13 JUNE 2003 – Albury NSW








 Table of Contents 2003 


Invited Papers

Monitoring grasslands from outer space: is the pixel replacing the quadrat? –  Kevin P Price

Satellites and Australia –  Alex Held, Michael J Hill

Using new technologies to map the suitability of forage plants –  David Hannaway, KJ Hannaway, C Daly and D Chapman

The value proposition for remotely sensed estimates of feed on offer and pasture growth rate – Stephen Gherardi, Chris Oldham

My experience with satellite predicted estimates of feed on offer and pasture growth rates – Roger House

Sustainable Grazing Systems: experimental results and the implications for temperate-zone grazing enterprises – Warren King, David Michalk, Peter Dowling, David Kemp and Paul Sanford

Sharing dairy industry research for all grassland farmers – Dawn Dalley

Acid soils: what have we learned from research? – Brendan J Scott

What are the management strategies for preventing dryland salinity? Summary of the current state of the sciences – Hamish Cresswell, Pauline English

Management of novel-endophyte ryegrass pastures – Stephanie Bluett

Salt mapping in the Billabong Creek catchment, New South Wales – PA  Baker, GL Jones

Integrating woody perennial forages into farming systems – Peter Milthorpe

The role of silage in lamb-finishing systems – David Stanley

Mileage from silage: latest advances with silage for beef cattle – Ed Charmley

Management and breeding strategies for improved forage quality – Anthony van Herwaarden, Michael Faulkner

Managing saline groundwater for production and environmental benefits – John Ive


Poster Papers

Getting the best out of every paddock on your farm – Richard Simpson, Libby Salmon, David Marshall, Adam Stefanski and Grant Burbidge

Bull beef: production per head or per hectare? – Libby Salmon, Colin Frawley, Jill Frawley, Graham Lean and John Donnelly

Delivery of decision-support tools over the Internet to increase the wealth of grazing enterprises – HG Daily, JM Scott and JM Reid

CropView: satellite crop monitoring – Jonathan Sobels, Petina Pert

Roadside vegetation mapping in the Rural City of Wangaratta – Andrew Briggs

Mapping weed infestations using satellite imagery – Ian McGowen, Paul Frazier and Peter Orchard

Lime quality: size does matter! – Bill Schumann, John Lacy

Effects of lime on quality and mineral composition of perennial grasses – Bill Schumann, Mike Keys

Lime beefs up steer production – Mick Duncan, Georgina Mitchell

Prime lamb production from adjacent monocultures of grass and clover – Karen Venning, Andrew Thompson, Andrew Kennedy and David Chapman

Increasing pasture and wool production from native pastures – TP Bolger, DL Garden and BM Reid

High-performance pasture systems to increase lamb production in southwest Victoria – Andrew Kennedy, Andrew Thompson, Clare Gloag and Karen Venning

Effect of grazing management and fertiliser regime on the spatial distribution of available phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium in soil – Kate Sargeant

Persistence under grazing by introduced temperate perennial grasses in New South Wales and Victoria – R Culvenor, K Reed and S Boschma

Plant species density on unimproved pastures in steep hill country of western Victoria – ZN Nie, PE Quigley, F Cameron and L Thomas

Changes in perennial pasture composition under organic management in northeast Victoria – Viv Burnett, John Schneider and Wayne Dempsey

TIMERITE®: it’s now available for everyone – Celia Pavri, James Ridsdill-Smith

An overview of Chilean needle grass: a Weed of National Significance – Linda Iaconis, Keith Turnbull

Regional best-practice management of Chilean needle grass (Nassella neesiana): an emerging weed on the southern tablelands of New South Wales – Lori McGarva, Darren Kriticos, Karl Grigulis and David McLaren

Production and environmental gains from managing salinity – John R Ive

Sustainable Grazing on Saline Lands: a new national research program addressing animal production on saline grasslands – Nick Edwards, Michelle Fenton, Andrew Craig, Malcolm McCaskill, Pedro Evans and Warren King

What can be hidden at depth affecting your pasture production? – Nicole Gammie

Pasture species distribution in ponded pasture on an acid-sulphate–soil scald site – Carol Rose, Scott Henderson

Long-season annual legumes to increase lamb production – Clare Gloag, Andrew Thompson, Andrew Kennedy, Karen Venning

Balansa clover is more competitive against seedling annual ryegrass than are subterranean clover, berseem clover, and murex medic – A Hodge, BS Dear, D Lemerle, JE Pratley, A Kaiser and BA Orchard

New hard-seeded French serradella cultivars (Ornithopus sativus Brot.) – BS Dear, GA Sandral, B Nutt, BCD Wilson, JN Taylor and CA Rodham

Developing an acid-tolerant tall fescue – Carol Harris

Growth of perennial grasses in an acid soil – Carol Harris

Lucerne sowing rate and its effect on plant density and productivity – Libby Roesner

The effect of surface-applied lime on seed yield of four annual legumes grown in mixtures with phalaris – R Hayes, BS Dear and PL Eberbach

Improved oat varieties for hay production – PK Zwer, SD Hoppo, PD McCormack, DK Schaefer, JE Emery and MM Williams

Sulla and other forage species for southern Australia – Mike Ewing

Objective measurement of fodder quality across animal species – Peter Flinn, Stephanie Knott, Leo Cummins and Dawn Dalley

Establishment of annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT) testing services and protocols for the Australian export hay industry – Alan McKay

Grass tetany: prevention based on soil and plant analysis – Colin L Trengove