Travel Grants

The Society may, on an annual basis, allocate a sum of money to provide grants to encourage and assist members to attend other conferences or for any other worthwhile purpose.

Please click here for a printable copy of the Travel Grant Application Form.

The by-laws relating to the Society’s Travel Grants are attached to the Application Form and summarised below.  They should be read carefully before completing the form.  Applications must be submitted using the Travel Grant Application form.

Further enquiries concerning Travel Grants can be directed to the Secretary at the following email address:

Forward the completed form to:

The Secretary
The Grassland Society of NSW Inc.
PO Box 471
Orange, NSW 2800

Summary of Travel Grant By-Laws (please see the application form for complete By-Laws):

  • Grants will be subject to these by-laws or any amendments. The Society’s travel grant “year” shall be the calendar year.
  • The amount allocated annually and for what purpose will be determined by the State Management Committee and announced at the AGM.
  • Money not expended in any one year will NOT automatically be carried over to the following year.
  • Grants will only be made to financial members with at least two years of continuous membership prior to the date of application.
  • A maximum of two grants will be made to any one individual, family or farm unit.  Members may not apply for travel grants in consecutive years.
  • Retrospective grants will not be considered and grants are not transferable.
  • Application will only be considered if made on the Society’s Grants Application Form and if lodged by the November meeting of the State Management Committee.
  • Decisions regarding successful applications will be made at the State Management Committee meeting in the November of the year preceding the uptake of the grant.
  • Applications for grants will be acknowledged upon receipt and a decision notified to applicants not later than 31 January, following deliberations at the November meeting.
  • Applications will be considered on their relative merits.  The Committee’s decision will be final.
  • Travel grants will be forfeited if not taken in the year for which they are granted.  Grants may only be used for the purpose for which they were granted.
  • Within two months of the completion of the purpose of the grant recipients will be required to submit a written report to the Society.

The written report (maximum total length , four pages) MUST use the Template  and Guidelines provided so that it can be published in the Conference Proceedings.