Conference 2015



29th Annual Conference of The Grassland Society of NSW Inc.
GOULBURN 14–16 JULY 2015


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Invited Papers

Opportunities to maximise livestock profitability – JK Webb Ware

Managing the production potential of the soils of the Southern and Central Tablelands – key messages from the LANDSCAN program – LC Pope

New insights into phosphorus cycling in pastures: implications for fertiliser management and for closing the phosphorus efficiency gap – RJ Simpson, GA Sandral, MH Ryan, RI McLaren, RJ Smernik, MJ McLaughlin, TM McBeath, H Lambers, CN Guppy and AE Richardson

Which breeding direction for sheep on the Southern Tablelands? – P Graham and AK White

Does increasing body frame size in Merinos increase profit? A case study – G Burbidge and J Virgona

Managing fertiliser in a grazing system – putting principles into practice – JM Virgona and NJ Ferguson

A farmer’s perspective on strategic fertiliser management – O Cay

Persistent perennials? An advisor’s perspective – DR Harbison

Grazing management options to boost productivity and secure healthy landscapes – W Badgery, G Millar, K Broadfoot, J Martin, D Pottie, A Simmons and P Cranney

Capitalising on the opportunities for agriculture in the Tablelands of southern NSW – a farmer’s perspective – G Kadwell


Contributed papers

Phalaris cultivar persistence under soil fertility and grazing treatments at Canberra  – RA Culvenor and RJ Simpson.

Evaluation of a grazier education program in a drinking water catchment  –  AA Senn and M Lieschke.

Influence of winter grazed, dual purpose wheat and canola crops in a pasture system on the performance of Merino sheep – CS Pinares-Patino, SE McDonald, JA Kirkegaard, H Dove, JR Hunt, RJ Simpson and AD Moore.

Poultry litter is not all the Same – NW Griffiths


Poster papers

Prilled lime added to the seed – effects on pasture establishment vary with season  – MR Norton

New pasture plant options to reduce P-input costs of grazing systems   – G Sandra, R Simpson, A Price, S Hildebrand, C Fuller, Z Yang, A Stefanski, D Kidd, H Lambers and M Ryan.

Lambs grazing a choice of biserrula and subterranean clover have higher growth rates in spring than lambs grazing a biserrula monoculture  – SR McGrath, GA Sandral, L Sundermann and MA Friend.