Conference 1994

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Table of Contents from the 9th Conference Proceedings



13-14 JULY 1994 – Queanbeyan NSW








Invited Papers

Management effects on soil biota – Kathleen King

Litter as a factor affecting the balance between grass, clover and weeds – John Leigh, Dorothy Halsall

Adapting pastures and crops to changing times – Tablelands – Graham Brown,  Annette Brown

Adapting pastures and crops to changing times – Slopes – Owen Whitaker

Have we problem soils or problem plants? – Brendan Scott

Mineral interactions between plants and animals – Ivan Caple

The role of silage in more intensive grazing systems – Alan Kaiser

Better pasture utilisation to produce quality beef – John Nixon

Better pasture utilisation to produce quality lamb – Robert Worner

Beneficial use of waste materials – Peter Simpson

Phosphate options for higher rainfall pastures – Peter Sale

Productive and profitable grazing systems in western Victoria – Geoffrey Saul

Putting it all together – A productive perennial pasture system – Charles de Fegely

Grazing management – The animal factor – Cameron Allan

Yorkshire fog – Friend or foe: A farmer’s perspective – Robert Lance

Whole farm management – A profitable weed control system – Denis Manion

Better utilisation of poor quality feed – Graham Rumph, Therese Rumph


Contributed Papers and Posters    

Control of St John’s wort in large paddocks on hill country – Richard Arnott, Malcolm Campbell

 New herbicides for the control of St John’s wort – Ross Watson, Malcolm Campbell

Scotch thistle (Onopordum spp.) survey – Harden district – Peter Holst, Cameron Allan and David Stanley

An evaluation of Prime Pastures I – Darren Bayley, John Fairly, Rowan Anderson, Rod Grant, Frank Kelleher and Alan Andrews

Prime Pasture Program II – Making perennial pasture permanent – Mike Keys, John O’Connor

The Northern Tablelands feed-year – JF Ayres, RD FitzGerald, MJ McFee and AD Turner

Seedling vigour of perennial grass cultivars – RD FitzGerald

White clover ecotype collection from a summer rainfall environment – LA Lane, JF Ayres and JV Lovett

Genotypic variation of stolon attributes in white clover cultivars – MZZ Jahufer, LA Lane and JF Ayres

Should we select cultivars to suit management? – WJ Fulkerson, K Slack

Production and quality of Caucasian and white clover pastures on the Monaro – Jim Virgona, Brian Dear

Effects of fertiliser on pasture protein levels – Graham Crocker

Lime application to non-arable farms – Rob Cumming

Grazing management for sustainable pastures on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales – CA Harris, RD FitzGerald and JF Ayres

Managing the persistence of perennial grasses through drought – J Scott, G Rapp and S Boschma

Understanding nutrient and water dynamics under perennial and annual pastures – J Scott, K King, Chen Wen and A White

A simple explanation of time control grazing – Garry Cook

Seasonal changes in pasture botanical composition – Col Langford, Peter Simpson

Preliminary findings from a survey of agronomic practices on thoroughbred horse studs – SC Aston, GM Gurr, ER Hunt, CG Morrison, WM Wheatley and RA Woodward

The role of biosolids in agriculture – Leonie Huxedurp, Angus Seberry

Evaluation of sewage sludge for use in extensive sheep production – Some preliminary results – DL Michalk, I Bamforth, C Hird, PC Simpson, C Langford and GJ Osborne


Travel Grant report                                                                            

New Zealand Grassland Association Conference 1993 – Alan Andrews