Conference 2000


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Table of Contents from the 15th Conference Proceedings



11-13 JULY 2000 – Armidale NSW









Table of Contents 2000 


Invited Papers

Wool crisis in the pasture wonderland – Andrew Burgess

Management strategies and attitudes to prosper in the new world of agriculture – John Chudleigh

Prime lamb production from improved pastures – Rod Blomfield

The “Triple P Program” – Charles de Fegely

Nothing stays the same – the only real constant in our lives is change – Nancy Snow

Fertophobia and beyond: an outsiders observations on current fertiliser practices on legume based pastures in NSW – Doug Edmeades

Climate and agriculture – a producer’s perspective – Hugh Price

Can graziers improve their management of climate risk? – Peter Hayman

Growing fine wool for our future – Tony Gall

Bald Blair Angus – Sam White

Profit with the Meat Standards Australia Grading Scheme – Dale Krowes


Contributed Papers

Potassium application affects leaf drop, common leaf spot disease and yield of lucerne – HS Grewal, R Williams

Selective control of St Johns Wort with Starane® in a native grass pasture – MH Campbell, HI Nicol

Subterranean clover and natural pastures boost cattle performance on the North West Slopes – BR McGufficke, I Long

A pasture health kit developed by the SGS North-West Slopes producer group and NSW Agriculture – L McCormick, GM Lodge

Towards a better understanding of changes in pasture species dynamics – GM Lodge

Rate of deterioration of silage after feeding – DF Stanley, PJ Holst

New temperate legumes for northern NSW – GJ Crocker, PD Moylan

A review of 700 soil samples collected in the Armidale district between 1989 and 1999 – C Edwards, MR Duncan

Effect of lime on pasture establishment and production in the Timor Area – CM Rose

Feeds laboratory – supporting pasture research with nutritive value analysis – AD Turner, JF Ayres

Grasslands NuSiral – a new white clover cultivar for dryand pastures – L Lane, JF Ayres. JR Caradus and PTP Clifford

Maintaining soil organic carbon and crop yield with a clover ley – MR Norton, CA Harris

Pasture Improvement for sustainability – Nowendoc Landcare Group

The effect of low rates of reactive phosphate rock or water soluble fertilisers on net returns from 2nd cross lamb production after 5 years – MJ Keys, B Clements and H Sinclair

Evaluation of tropical legumes in northern NSW – PD Moylan, GJ Crocker

Legume pastures – the profit drivers of ley farms in central-western NSW – EA Roesner

The role of shelterbelts in grazing systems in the New England Tablelands: impacts on earthworm composition and abundance – LA Lobry de Bruyn, AE Po

Fine tuning the timing of lambing in spring: is it profitable – K Behrendt, A Stefanski and EM Salmon