Conference 1986


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Table of Contents from the 1st Conference Proceedings



24-25 JULY 1986 – Richmond NSW









Table of Contents 1986


Contributed Papers

Making the Most of Your Existing Pastures – Guy Robinson

Profitable Production from Native Pastures on the Northern Tablelands  – John Fleming

Profitable Pastures for Fine Wool Production – Phillip Clements

Incorporating New Varieties – Their Contribution to Sustained Profitability – Warren McDonald

Economic Integration of Irrigation into Dryland Farming Using Haifa White Clover – Jim Fay

Integrating Pastures with Crops for Sustained Profitability – David Conventry

Problems in Returning to Profitable Pastures in Marginal Cropping Country – David Fleming

Profitability Integrating Lucerne Based Pastures with Cereal Crops – Neville Thompson

Fertilizer and Stocking Rate Strategies for Sustained Profitability – Richard Walker, Dick Kearins

The Potential for New Fertilizer Technology to Contribute to Profitability – Peter Sale

Profitable Utilisation by Pasture Budgeting in an Intensive Grazing System – Jim Collins

Profitable Liming Strategies for Pasture Renovation – Zvi Hochman, David Godyn, Brendan Scott

Profitable Establishment of Phalaris on Acid Soil Country – Roger Harbison

Profitable Utilization of Pasture by Weed Control, Direct Drilling and Liming – Wayne Rabjohns

The Economic Potential for Better Pasture Utilization by Goats in NSW – Terry Mitchell

Goats – A Producers Experience – Peter Britton

An Overview of Pasture Production Strategies for Sustained Profitability (see Grassland Society Newsletter No. 5) – Frank Crofts

Spreading the Grassland Message – Experiences from the New Zealand Grassland Association – JFL Charlton, FR Woodfield


Poster Summaries

Application of Lime & Gypsum to Sub Soil – Frank Kernebone

Water-run Gypsum for Crusting, Sodic Soil – Frank Kernebone

Beef-N-Omics for Improved Herd Profits – Peter Speers, Ian Dixon

Competitive Clovers – Alison Bowman

Adaption of Kangaroo Valley Ecotypes of Perennial Ryegrass – Shree Shah

Conservation Farming – Good Farmers Manage It – David Gilbert

The Acid Soil Problem – Peter Cregan

Pasture Establishment – Peter Cregan

“Lime-it” – A Summary – Zvi Hochman, David Godyn, Brendan Scott

Weed Control by Goats – Peter Holst, Malcolm Campbell

Wiregrass Control on the North-west Slopes – Lester McCormick, Chris Dadd, Greg Lodge

The Ecology and Control of Fireweed – Brian Sindel

HAC Dairy Farm – Pastures – Ray Ison