Conference 1989

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Table of Contents from the 4th Conference Proceedings




19-20 JULY 1989 –Tamworth NSW









Table of Contents 1989


Invited Papers

Developing arable and non-arable sulphur deficient slopes country – Norton Crane

Increasing production using phosphorus and sulphur – Bob Freebairn

Increasing production with phosphorus and sulphur – Northern Slopes – Graham Crocker

Success in direct drilling pastures on the slopes – Tye Atkinson

Tableland pastures – where are we headed? – Michael Duncan

Managing pastures for better utilization and animal production – Ken Archer

Lucerne trials identify adapted cultivars – Doug Waterhouse

The potential for using native grasses – Greg Lodge

Evaluation of subterranean clover cultivars and lines at Tamworth – Ken Archer

The role of subterranean clover on the northern NSW slopes – Des FitzGerald

Pastures and wool quality – Peter Reis

Managing and developing native grass pastures for sustained production and profitability – Frank Crofts

Wiregrass management – Mark Thompson

Managing cattle on lucerne – Max Uebergang

Grazing management and animal health – Bruce Farquharson

Resource management for sustained productivity – John Burton

Integrating trees for profitable livestock production – Gordon Williams


Contributed papers

The effect of nitrogen fertiliser on the winter growth of dryland phalaris – Kevin Morthorpe, Graeme Stewart

The evaluation and seed production of selected native and introduced forage species for western New South Wales – Glenn Orman, Kevin Morthorpe and Tim Drew

Soil water storage and extraction for irrigated lucerne production on a grey cracking clay – Kevin Morthorpe

The variability of nutritive value within white clover – John Ayres


Poster Summaries

Landsat data – an aid to fertiliser management of pastures – P Vickery

Establishment of warm-season perennial grasses in north-western NSW – Alison Bowman

The national white clover program – M Jahufer

Does Murex Medic have a role in the central-west of NSW – Martin Blumenthal, Raymond Ison

Oldman Saltbush for Australian grazing systems – K Fixter, B Peterkin