Conference 1995

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Table of Contents from the 10th Conference Proceedings




12-13 JULY 1995 – Armidale NSW








Table of Contents 1995


Invited Papers

The New South Wales pasture base – Ken Archer

“How to become kings in grass castles” – Graham Peart

Lift your grazing profits by copying the best – Michael Boyce

Fertiliser requirements of grazed pastures – MR Duncan

Managing pastures for a mixed sheep/cattle enterprise – Colin Frost, Margaret Frost

Managing pastures for lamb production – Robert Gordon

The role of grazing management in sustaining the pasture community – Greg Lodge

Selecting the right pastures to meet the market – Warren McDonald, Alan Bell

Managing the feed-year for beef production – Allan Every

Pasture management for milk production – Peter Notman

Integrated enterprises on a temperate pasture system – Maroun Stephen

Integrated enterprises on a summer pasture system – Jock Coupland

Integrated livestock and cropping enterprises – JH Price


Contributed Papers and Posters  

Impact of drought on survival of pasture species – RD FitzGerald, CA Harris and JF Ayres

Tall fescue improvement in Australia– RD FitzGerald, S Venkatanagappa andLA Lane

Microlaena persistence, protein and productivity in comparison with Danthonia and four introduced grass species – Christines Jones, Michelle Murphy

Vacuum harvesting of the native grass Microlaena stipoides– Michelle Murphy

Consol lovegrass and Premier digit grass best on acidic soils – RD Freebairn

White clover germplasm development –Leah Lane, Zulfi Jahufer and John Ayres

White clover breeding for dryland pastures – John Ayres, John Caradus, Leah Lane and Bob Murison

Domestication of Mitchell grass (Astrebla) – CM Waters, D Munnich

Tall fescue agronomy research – RD FitzGerald, S Venkatanagappa and LA Lane

Impact of time control grazing on native pastures – B Randall, C Randall, L McCormick and G Lodge

Improving lotus persistence through breeding & management – Martin Blumenthal, Walter Kelman, Zvi Hochman and John Ayres

Species contribution to pasture biomass under different grazing systems – Judi Earl, Christine Jones

Effect of grazing management on barley grass pastures – GE Robards, M Dalglish and T Luders

Effect of grazing management on growth rates of lambs grazing barley grass pastures in south-west NSW – GE Robards, TA Luders and N Corliss

Yield of perennial grasses under different drought and grazing intensities during spring and summer – SP Boschma, JM Scott and GG Rapp

Seed dispersal by sheep of Chilean needle grass (Nassella neesiana) – MR Gardener, RDB Whalley

Native pasture management in the Hunter Valley – Richard Marshall, Neil Nelson

Backgrounding feeder cattle – Ross Dicker, John Ayres, Bob Murison, Clair Alston, Dorothy Robinson, Arnold Turner, Peter Kamphorst, Bob Dent, Jeff Lowien and Phil Dawes

A comparison of nutritive value of chenopods from NSW & WA – GE Robards, R Egerton-Warburton

Quality and selection of plant components of subterranean clover – JG Mulholland, KS Nandra, GB Scott and A Jones

Management of African lovegrass – Rod Dowe, Vic Johnston, Jeff Lowien and Bob Dent

Supplementation of lambs on lucerne pasture with oaten hay – Peter Holst, David Hall and David Stanley

Diet composition of sheep & cattle grazing Microlaena-ryegrass pastures – RDB Whalley, MR Gardener

What does dairy pasture cost? – Neil Griffiths

Summer forage quality and lamb growth in the northern rainfall zone – D Paull, J Smith and A Allsop

Utilisation of African lovegrass – Vic Johnston, Rod Dowe, Bob Dent and Jeff Lowien

Fertiliser protects your soil by increasing ground cover – Graham Crocker

Clover ley pasture maintains soil nitrogen and crop yield – Mark Norton

Comparison of water use by grazed grasslands and remnant Callitris woodlands during drought – Philip Eberbach

Patterns of earthworm abundance in improved pastures at Chiswick – LA Lobry de Bruyn, KL King

Use of ammonium nitrate Nitram® and urea as herbicides for the control of St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) – MH Campbell

Use of glyphosate and paraquat (Gramoxone®) to stop seedhead production of serrated tussock (Nasella trichotoma)  – MH Campbell

Using the alkane technique to quantify sheep selectivity when grazing perennial and annual pastures – Chen Wen, Rod Lefroy, Anne White and Jim Scott

No-till pasture establishment by Soilflow seeding – Lester Thearle

Low-cost manual equipment for sampling the soil profile – DR Wilkinson, G Burke

Perennial grass species vary in resistance to invasion of hairy panic – Jim Virgona, Annabel Hill

Emergence of African lovegrass (Eragrostis curvula) and several native grasses on the northern tablelands of NSW – Steven Smith, Brian Sindel

Stocking rate affects soil moisture under pasture – KL Greenwood, KJ Hutchinson, DA MacLeod and JM Scott

The effect of stock exclusion and herbicide application on seed rain in a degrading phalaris stand – Annabel Hill, Jim Virgona

Rhizome development of defoliated Grassland Maku – CA Harris, MJ Blumenthal