Conference 2010



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Table of Contents from the 25th Conference Proceedings



28-29 JULY 2010 – Dubbo NSW








Table of Contents 2010


Invited Papers

Funny farming for the future – Andrew Mosely, Megan Mosely

From advisory to regulatory land management – Peter Weston

Broad-scale management of biodiversity in temperate grazing lands and implications for productivity and profitability – JW Dorrough

The important role of soil organic carbon in future mixed farming systems – KY Chan

Soil carbon levels in southern NSW – KO Andersson,  WB Badgery

What can insects do to help the farm? soil improvement, pollination and pest control – Saul A Cunningham, Theo A Evans, Anthony D Arthur, Nancy A Schellhorn and Felix JJA Bianchi

Changing our farm enterprise and management for a profitable and sustainable future – Robert Goodear

Communities in landscapes – Working together to integrate conservation and production in Box-Gum Woodlands – J Dalton

Increasing productivity and persistence of perennial native pastures: EverGraze Albury–Wodonga – ML Mitchell, LL Slocombe, FW Dempsey and KF Wilson

Practical application of precision sheep management – JS Richards, SJ Semple and KD.Atkins

A producer’s experience with precision sheep management – Ray Haigh

Integrating livestock and subsequent crop enterprises – DR Harbison, TA Wright

Evidence-based agriculture – can we get there? – JM Virgona, G Daniel

The impact of extreme drought and climate change on the demography of plains grass populations in central New South Wales – RC Godfree, BJ Lepschi and MD Carnegie

Determining the quality of diets of grazing animals – GL Krebs, MBP Kumara Mahipala, P McCafferty and K Dods

Recent tropical perennial grass research and their potential role in maintaining production in a variable and changing climate – SP Boschma, GM Lodge, LH McCormick

Regeneration for profitable production – Angus Maurice, Lucy Maurice, Rick Maurice and Bren Maurice

Maximising productivity from Brassica crops – HG Judson


Contributed papers

Biochar and productivity of Digitaria eriantha cv. Premier on a degraded soil in northern NSW – MK McLeod, PG Slavich and RJ McLeod

Comparison of recent, short-term rainfall observations with long-term distributions for three centres in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge, LH McCormick

Predicting pasture production from November temperatures – WB Badgery, GD Millar, D Mitchell, P Cranney and S Priest

Catchment action market based instruments – Soil Carbon Research Project – A Simmons, W Badgery, B Murphy, A Rawson, I Packer and K  Andersson

Conservation of plant diversity in native pastures on the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – Nick Schultz, Nick Reid and Greg Lodge

Influence of cropping and grazing on soil seed bank composition and in-situ vegetation on the “Pillicawarrina” floodplain, Macquarie Marshes – C Waters, L Nairn and G Melville

Temporary cropping as a means to restore native perennial grasslands in western NSW – Y Alemseged, R B Hacker, W J Smith and G J Melville

Long-term annual rainfall and the distribution of simulated annual pasture intake of ewes grazing different pastures on the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – GM Lodge, LH McCormick

Reduced feed quality of hay following heating – N Griffiths, J Piltz, E Clayton, R Meyer and S Richards

Evaluation of chicory cultivars and lines and plantain cultivars on the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – SP Boschma, GM Lodge, MA Brennan and S Harden  

Ten tips for better establishment of sown tropical perennial grasses in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge, LH McCormick

Tropical grass pastures capture winter rainfall – SR Murphy, GM Lodge and MA Brennan

Acid soil tolerant lucerne – a pasture legume option for acidic soils in New South Wales – S Venkatanagappa, T O’Brien  

Evaluation of perennial legume and herb cultivars and lines, North-West Slopes of New South Wales – SP Boschma, GM Lodge, MA Brennan and S Harden

Gross margin example of saltbush establishment in a rangeland pasture – Central West Catchment Management Authority

Developing resilient and productive pasture mixtures for southern Australia – MR Norton, RC Hayes, AW Humphries, KG Pembleton, RA Culvenor and GD Li

Do pasture cropping systems work out west? – GD Millar, WB Badgery

Pasture cropping in the Central West and Lachlan CMAs – GD Millar

Pasture cropping checklist – GD Millar, WB Badgery

Pasture cropping in northern NSW – do the numbers for plant available water stack up? – GM Lodge, LH McCormick