Conference 2007


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Table of Contents from the 22nd Conference Proceedings



18-19 JULY 2007 – Queanbeyan NSW








Table of Contents 2007 


Invited Papers

Managing for a variable climate: preparing for climate change – Peter Hayman

Managing the carbon cycle – Jeff Baldock, Jan Skjemstad and Terry Bolger

Balancing profit with climatic and environmental risks – Doug Alcock

Managing and developing plants for variable climates – David Kemp

Achieving production and environmental benefits in a challenging landscape – John Ive, Robyn Ive

July 2007 – Where to from here? – David Sackett

Surviving drought: strategies to date and plans for the future – Ian Atkinson

Managing your farm’s water resources – John Franklin

Water reticulation on-farm in a challenging environment – Bryce Garnock


Poster papers 

‘Trigger Points’ for stocking decision in Western NSW – Ron Hacker, Yohannes Alemseged, Paul Carberry and Warren Smith

Impact of climate variability on predicted annual pasture intake of sheep grazing native pastures in northern NSW – Greg Lodge, Ian Johnson

Developing tools for climate risk management in the subtropical dairy region – K Sinclair, RG Walker and Z Hochman

Summer dormancy – a drought resistance strategy in perennial grasses – Mark Norton, Florence Volaire, Shu Fukai and Francois Lelievre

Drought resistance of perennial grasses – Terry Bolger, Denys Garden and Anna Rita Rivelli

Establishment trials on acid soils with phalaris cultivars varying in aluminium tolerance – Richard Culvenor, Dennis Watson

Persistence of perennial pastures in variable seasons – Michael Keys

Grazing behaviour and diet composition of sheep grazing dual-purpose canola – Hugh Dove, Andrew Lieschke

Seed preferences of Pheidole ants for pasture grasses and legumes at 3 sites in southern New South Wales – Walter Kelman

LANDSCAN Farm Plan™ – a new workshop to assist graziers – Michael Keys, Bruce Clements

Evaluation of ‘Paddock Plants’ Field Days – Lori McWhirter, Helena Warren and Ashley Senn

Variability in weather: what are the consequences for grazing enterprise? – Libby Salmon, John Donnelly

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