Conference 2008



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Table of Contents from the 23rd Conference Proceedings


21-23 JULY 2008 –Tamworth NSW







Table of Contents 2008


Invited Papers

Pushing the profit drivers for pasture – M Gout

Factors affecting beef enterprise profitability – experiences from a grazing group in North-West New South Wales – TM Farrell

Improved perennial pasture establishment at ‘Ruby Hills’ – AD Burgess

Options for managing soil phosphorus supply – A McNeill

Biochar: Potential for climate change mitigation, improved yield and soil health – L van Zwieten,S Kimber, K Sinclair, KY Chan and A Downie

Changing ‘Glenbrae’ – GS Ward

Profitable pastoral farming through genetic modification: fact or friction? – DR Woodfield

Pastures for animal production: Understanding the challenges – CT Westwood

Towards a tropical grass package for northern New South Wales – SP Boschma, LH McCormick

Experiences with the establishment and grazing of tropical grasses on the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – LE Bowman

Pastures in the high rainfall zone – Their anticipated responses to climate change and their role in minimising net farm greenhouse gas emissions – D Alcock, RS Hegarty

Defining the northern New South Wales feed-year and mitigating feed-gaps – AJ Lockyer

‘The business of growing a meal’ – the application of new pasture varieties and management practices for intensive beef production – GRT Lord

‘Art and science’ – producing high quality forage-based feed for intensive dairy production – JL Drury


Contributed papers     

Assessing management options for the autumn feed deficit – K Mokany, AD Moore

Modelling feed profiles and production options – GD Millar, RE Jones and DL Michalk

Pasture-cropping in a Bothriochloa macra (red grass) dominant pasture with a low input history – GD Millar, WB Badgery

Evaluating change through feed budgets – the Beef-n-omics experience – AJ Rayner

Field germination of tropical grasses with new seed coating technology – L Song, G Veness and I Kalms

Rate and depth of sowing of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) – GJ Crocker

Effect of sowing depth on emergence of burgundy bean (Macroptilium bracteatum) – GJ Crocker

A comparison of the performance of progeny derived from two and three-year old heifers and mature cows – MA McKiernan

Improved pasture establishment benefits production with pasture grasses – K Blowers

Soil phosphorus and sulphur in pastures of North-West Slopes and Upper Hunter districts of New South Wales – S Muir, GD Schwenke, LH McCormick, SA Squires and CG Bowman

A review of the land application of biosolids as a tool to help restore and sustain New South Wales grasslands – LC Martin

Combining yield with persistence – Pegasis, a new generation winter-active and persistent lucerne variety –S Venkatanagappa, T O’Brien

Phoenix, Venture and Matador – new birdsfoot trefoil cultivars for permanent pasture applications in easternAustralia – JF Ayres, WM Kelman and LA Lane

Design and analysis on the for spatial effects in pasture trials – RD Murison, JF Ayres, LA Lane and MZZ Jahufer

New Panicum cultivars on the horizon for northern New South Wales – CA Harris

Trophy – a locally adapted white clover cultivar for dry-land pastures – JF Ayres, JR Caradus, RD Murison, LA Lane and DR Woodfield

Where westerwolds work well – AM Leddin

Performance of different lucerne dormancy classes under dry-land condition – LM Serafin, JF Scott and B Welsh

Lucerne persistence in Central New South Wales – KA Hertel

Evaluation of new breeding populations of phalaris for the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – SP Boschma, RA Culvenor

Preliminary evaluation of plantain (Plantago lanceolata) cultivar Tonic as a feed for ewe lactation – HG Judson

EverGraze research in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge, SP Boschma and MA Brennan

EverGraze: grazing systems for native pastures in Central-West New South Wales – WB Badgery, GD Millar and PM Cranney

Studies of plant biodiversity on properties grazing sheep on the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – NL Schultz, N Reid and GM Lodge

Rainfall and soil water content at a native pasture site near Barraba, New South Wales; 2003-2008 – GM Lodge, MA Brennan

Using modelling to explore the relationships between predicted long-term stocking rate and sheep intake of pasture and supplement for a native perennial grass-based pasture near Barraba, New South Wales – GM Lodge, IR Johnson

Potential impact of climate variability on profitability of native pasture improvement in northern NSW – JF Scott, GM Lodge

‘Drying Order’: A management tool for climate change – GH Reid

Fertilisation of tropical grass pastures with sulphate of ammonia – WK Manning, MA Kesby

Improving the match between feed supply and feed intake of beef cattle on the North-West Plains – JL McConochie