Membership Login

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the Grassland Society of NSW is access to electronic versions of our publications.

Publications (newsletters and conference proceedings) less than 12 months old are available for members only – when you try to access these files online, you will be asked to login.

Generally, they will take the format of your surname (in lower case – sometimes with an _initial) as the username and your membership number as the password.  Your membership number (4 digits) is printed on the address label of your newsletter.

The login details can be obtained from the secretary or by enquiring through the “Contact Us” form.

You will only need to login when prompted – do not try to use the login box at the lower left menu as this is used for website administration.  Once logged in, the session will stay current while your browser is open.

If you want to Join the Society or renew your membership, please see our Subscription Page here.

As always, please contact us if you have trouble using the website or suggestions for its improvement.