Conference 1998

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Table of Contents from the 13th Conference Proceedings




7-9 JULY 1998 – Orange NSW








Table of Contents 1998


Invited Papers

Processing and Farming – do they work together? – Peter MacSmith

Challenge to Traditional Thinking – Alec Thompson

Pasture Improvement – Expensive Indulgence or economic necessity – Cyril Wills

Management and Marketing Strategies for Profitable Grazing – Robert Stanbridge

What Should We Use From The New Zealand Pastoral Industry – Rob Eccles

Effects of fertiliser and grazing management on pastures, animal productivity and profitability – Geoffrey Saul

Producing low cost milk from pastures – Andrew Bruem

Can the soil phosphorus bank be unlocked by plants? – Alan E Richardson

Farm business management – Robert Patterson

Perennial Pastures in the Cropping System – Neville Thompson

Limitations to increasing nutrient supply from forages – DP Poppi, SR McLennan

Genetic improvement of feed conversion in beef cattle – Jonathon Wright

Kareela Wool – The product at the end of the line – Mary Hall


Contributed papers    

Effects of sowing depth and time on the emergence of perennial subtropical grasses – KC Motley

Studies on the Establishment and Early Persistence of Six Native Grasses on the Central Tablelands – R Stitt, B Baldwin, P Dowling

The effect on wool production of adding Super to a native pasture – Phil Graham, Martin Williams and Roger Garnsey

The effect of high and low rates of reactive phosphate rock or water soluble fertilisers on net returns from 2nd cross lamb production – Bruce Clements, Michael Keys, Martin Williams and Howard Sinclair

Phosphorus availability in natural and improved pasture under long-term grazing – Belinda Hackney, Kathy King and Donald MacLeod

Effect of fertiliser and pasture improvement on soil pH on Northern Tablelands NSW soils – MR Duncan, GJ Crocker

Effect of lime rate on lucerne persistence and productivity – CL Mullen

Effect of Canberra sewage ash on soil pH and cadmium levels – Peter Simpson, Mark Whatmuff

Filling the winter feed-gap: Autumn oversowing of a kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestinum) dominant sward in the Sydney Metropolitan region – SM Johnston, AC Andrews

Persistence of Caucasian Clover (Trifolium ambiguum) on the Monaro – Stuart Burge, Linda Ayres, John Booth and Helen Nicol

Farmer Experience with Chicory on the Central Tablelands and Slopes of NSW – M Parker, DR Kemp

Tall fescue ecotype collection on the Northern Tablelands of NSW – CA Harris

Evaluation of meat production from improved tall fescue cultivars – G Milne, F Johnson and H Eisenhauer

Irrigated lucerne in the south – What’s new? – Mary-Anne Lattimore, Sam Lolicato

Planning pastures for horses – WM Wheatley, JL Stallard and RA Woodward

Chilean needle grass (Nassella neesiana) management options – Jeff Lowien, Mark Gardener and Archie Cameron

Use of low rates of herbicides to control serrated tussock, African lovegrass and St. John’s wort in NSW – MH Campbell

Competitive Pastures for Giant Parramatta Grass – DI Officer, TE Launders

A survey of lucerne establishment in southern NSW – Eric Koetz, Mark Norton


Travel Grant Report                                                                                

Report on Grassland Society of NSW funded study tour to Western Australia – April 4 to 11, 1998 – RD Freebairn