Conference 2012




Managing a Grazing Business for Profit in the Agricultural Landscape

27th Annual Conference of The Grassland Society of NSW Inc.


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Invited Papers

Recognising and working within landscape limitations for increased productivity – B. Hackney, J. Powells and N. Ferguson

How has grazing management changed to utilise differences in the landscape?  A follow up to 2001 Gundagai Conference – RR Purcell, CA Purcell and AB Purcell

Soil carbon: variation across the landscape – SE Orgill, J Condon, M Conyers, R Greene and B Murphy

Alternative fertiliser – what do results from pasture studies tell us? – FJ Leech

Humic products – potential or presumption for agriculture? Can humic products improve my soil? – KL Billingham

Phosphorus in the landscape: a sustainable phosphorus future for Australian pastures – RJ Simpson

‘GrassGro helped me fine tune my farming system, how can it help you?’ – O Cay

Why fertilise native pastures? – DJ Alcock, L Pope, J Powells and D Garden

Long-term effects of fertiliser on the productivity and persistence of perennial native grasses – MJ Keys and BW Clements

Intensive rotational grazing can improve profitability and environmental outcomes – WB Badgery, P Cranney, GD Millar, D Mitchell, K Behrendt

Perennial pasture species for the mixed farming zone of southern NSW – We don’t have many options – RC Hayes, GD Li and BF Hackney

How a new decision support tool helps farmers in mixed farming make pasture sowing decisions about cover cropping – J McCormick, R Hayes, T Swan,G Li, J Walker, Nordblom, G Casburn, T Hutchings, AD Moore, E Zurcher, M Peoples

Increasing the proportion of female lambs by supplementary feeding oats high in omega-6 fatty acids at joining – EH Clayton, CE Gulliver, JF Wilkins, BJ King, RJ Meyer and MF Friend


Contributed papers

Pasture utilisation – a key driver for profitable grazing  –  G.M. Lodge, I.R. Johnson and L.H. McCormick

Long-term modelling of lucerne and tropical perennial grass mixtures and monocultures  – GM Lodge and LH McCormick

History of the Grassland Society of NSW – the first 25 years  – MH Campbell


Poster papers

Critical phosphorus levels for butterfly pea and buffel grass and the impact of inter-specific competition  – CD Campbell, R Haling and C Guppy

More lucerne reduces feeding in drought years and increases the weight of lamb sold in wet summers   – SM Robertson and MA Friend

Choice of sheep enterprise affects production and risk  – SM Robertson and MA Friend

Managing rangeland goats in western New South Wales  – Y Alemseged, RB Hacker, ID Toole and WJ Smith