Conference 1993

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Table of Contents from the 8th Conference Proceedings




7-8 JULY 1993 – Orange NSW








Table of Contents 1993


Invited Papers

Pasture decline – real or imagined? – Ken Archer, John Read and Gordon Murray

Pasture decline – A farmer’s viewpoint – David Pockley

Principles of sustainable pasture production – Ted Carter

Pasture benchmarks for sheep and cattle production – Alan Bell, Ian Blackwood

Pasture utilisation on a Victorian dairy farm – Stephen Crooke, Sarah Crooke

Managing pastures by grazing – David Kemp

How to maintain or improve the productivity of native grass-based pastures in the Tablelands – Peter Simpson

Native grass pastures – a grazier’s perspective – John Dalglish

Applying principles of ruminant nutrition to pasture utilisation – Geoffrey Robards

Profitable pasture utilisation with beef cattle – Murray Garnock

Profitable pasture utilisation with sheep – Bruce Allworth

Forage crops and feed gaps – Stuart Burge

A brief evaluation of time control grazing – Ron Hacker

Grazing systems overview – theory and practice of grazing management for sustaining productive temperate pastures – Keith Hutchinson


Contributed Papers and Posters

Irrigated Pasture Production in the Lower Macquarie Valley – Shane Norrish, Michael Elliot and Alan Andrews

Herbicide Tolerance of Two Native Grasses – Michael Keys, Peter Simpson

Effect of Age of Seeds of Sifton Bush (Cassinia arcuata R. Br.) on Germination and Regeneration – Malcolm Campbell

Managing Pastures to Cope with Drought – Peter Walker

Saleable Stock from Stable Pasture Project – Warren McDonald

Grazing Management – Not Just a Rest for Your Pastures – Guy Robinson

Productivity of Lotus pendunculatus and Trifolium repens in a Base Pasture of Kikuyu Grass – Bill Fulkerson, Katrina Slack

Does Less Mouths = More Pasture = More Profit? – Bob Wynne

The Potential for Native Grasses on the Central and Southern Tablelands – Denys Garden, Peter Dowling and David Eddy

Effect of Free Range Pountry on Soil and Pasture – Alex Wells

Pasture Management and Weed Control Using Goats – Cameron Allan, Peter Holst

Farmer Discussion Groups in Central and Southern NSW – Penelope Hickey, Phillip Dearden and Alan Andrews

Hybrid Serradella – An Answer to the Hardseed Problem – Peter Neilson, David Michalk

Legumes of the Future – Warwick Green


Travel Grant Reports                                                                                   

International Grassland Congress: Palmerston North and Hamilton, New Zealand – Cameron Allan, John Read

New Zealand Grazing Systems: Are They Relevant to NSW? – David Michalk, David Kemp, Geoff Robards and John Read