Conference 1987


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Table of Contents from the 2nd Conference Proceedings 



23-24 JULY 1987 – Orange NSW







Table of Contents 1987 


Contributed Papers

Conference overview – from seed to success – Ray Ison

Seed treatment – An aid to pasture establishment  – Malcolm Campbell

Using fertiliser to best advantage – what when where and how much? – Michael Duncan

Renovating and establishing perennial pastures on the Tablelands – Robert Gordon

Successful establishment in the wheat belt – Dick Ord 

Establishing feed for dairy cows on the Coast – Elizabeth Kernohan 

Making pasture establishment pay – it’s the bottom line that counts –  Mick Townsend

Machinery for sowing and renovation – how good is it? – Allan Murphy

Managing the establishing pasture – An essential step  – Peter Cregan

Maintaining and renovating pastures using spray-graze and spray-topping  –  John Miller

Making use of natural regeneration of native and improved pastures  – Greg Lodge

Improving pastures and production with grazing management – a practical viewpoint – Colin Fitzhardinge

Improving poa tussock infested hill country – Craig Kelehear 

From weeds of high fertility to productive pastures – John Brooker 

Establishing tagasaste (tree lucerne) and other fodder trees – guidelines for success – Paul Dann


Poster Summaries

Establishment of pasture legumes on red-brown earths – Martin Blumenthal, Anne Miller, Damian Courtier and Ray Ison 

Aerial pasture seeding into summer crops  –  John Betts, Greg Fenton

Seed coatings to aid pasture establishment –  Jim Scott

Seed Testing laboratory – Nena Panich

Growing lucerne for seed – Kevin Morthorpe  

Evaluation of seed production of K enya clover in the LachlanValley, NSW  – Ian Fletcher, Ray Ison and Alan Andrews

Concord ryegrass – Stuart Mitchell

Competitive clovers – Alison Bowman, Gordon King 

Controlled grazing systems –  John Colless 

Effect of soil salinisation and waterlogging on irrigated dairy production – David Marston, Kathy Pope