Conference 2002


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Table of Contents from the 17th Conference Proceedings 



31 JULY-1 AUGUST 2002 – Forbes NSW









Table of Contents 2002 


Invited Papers

The value of pastures to mixed farming enterprises – Mark Gardner

Lambs or wool for Central West New South Wales – John Nadin

Managing pastures to manage weeds – Barney Milne

Opportunities in pasture seed production – Pat Farrelly

High Density Legumes – where do they fit? – Peter Gordon, Kirrilly Condon

Making native pastures pay – John Betts

Pastures to increase nitrogen in crop rotations – Jim Watson

Pastures for low rainfall cropping systems – John Francis

Pastures for prime lambs – Chris Blunt

Pastures for beef production – Geoff Lindon

New opportunities by value-adding wool – Kate Sevier


Poster Papers

Botanical changes in a grazed native grassland with ‘sub and super’ – TP Bolger, DL Garden and BM Reid

Extension activities improve producer awareness of soil health – C Edwards, M Duncan

Patience key to summer grass pasture success – RD Freebairn

The role of pasture improvement in profitable farm businesses in central west New South Wales – K Hertel, M Gardner

Lime – an important factor in farm business profit in central west New South Wales– K Hertel, M Gardner

Effect of surface applied lime on establishment and persistence of perennial pastures – M Keys, B Schumann

Managing grassy native vegetation for conservation on the Northern Tablelands of NSW – J Reseigh, C Nadolny

Water couch – productive quality grass for acid sulphate soil remediation! – C Rose, R Yerbury and S Henderson


Contributed Papers

Persistence of phalaris-legume mixtures on the North West Slopes, NSW – SP Boschma

Seasonal variation in long term estimates of soil water balance predicted by the SGS Pasture Model for a native pasture in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge, SR Murphy and IR Johnson

Can graziers assess sustainable and productive pastures? – GM Lodge, LH McCormick and SR Murphy

Root depths of sown and native pastures on the North-West Slopes of New South Wales – GM Lodge, SR Murphy