Frequently Asked Questions and Legal

How do I become a member of the Society?

Simply download the application form and mail it with payment to the Society at the address indicated.  Click here for more information on membership.

Is there a branch close to me?

Some areas have active regional branches of the Grassland Society of NSW.  Please contact the Secretary for contact details of regional branches.

How do I access the “Member Access” area of this website?

This website archives newsletters and conference proceeding for the future reference of members.  You must be a member of the Society to access this information.  If you are not yet a member, click here for more information about joining the Society.  

The Member Access area requires members to login using their surname (username) and membership number (password).  Your membership number is printed on the address label of your newsletter.  If you have a common surname, you may need to use surname_initial (eg. smith_j).

If you have lost or do not know your membership number, please contact Web Admin or the Secretary.  Once you have successfully logged in, you will have access to all protected pages.   You will need to login at every separate visit to the Member Access area although For your convenience, tick the box to “remember” your username/password details so they are stored on your computer.

How can I contribute to the Society?

You will make a valuable contribution to the Society by becoming an active member.  Members are encouraged to attend the many field days and other events organised by the Society.  However, you may like to consider writing an article for the Newsletter or presenting a paper at the Annual Conference.  More information can be following the Newsletter and Conference links or by contacting the Newsletter Editor or the Conference Convenor.

Legal Issues – Disclaimer and Copyright

Disclaimer:  The information in this website is provided as a service to members and should not take the place of professional advice.  Mention of a company or product name implies no endorsement.  The Grassland Society of NSW Inc. is not able to take individual circumstances into account and takes no responsibility for any consequence which may result from use of any information presented here.

The Grassland Society of NSW Inc. owns the copyright for all material on this website except where otherwise acknowledged.  Written permission from the copyright holder must be obtained before using any material from this source.


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