Conference 1990

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Table of Contents from the 5th Conference Proceedings




18-19 JULY 1990 –Queanbeyan NSW








Table of Contents 1990 


Invited Papers

The Greenhouse Effect on Grassland Production – Roger Gifford

Predicting Change in Agricultural Trade – John W Chudleigh

Social Change Affecting Agriculture – Warren Musgrave

Developing Your Farm Plan – Garry Hogan

Developing Your Farm Plan – Putting it Together– Bill Speirs

Planning Your Farm for the 1990’s and Beyond – A Case Study – EH Kater

Paddock Design – RS Marchant

Sustaining Our Grasslands with Trees – Planted for Profit – Francis Clarke

Grazing Management of Perennial Weeds – “If It Grows Eat It” – Andrew Mackay

Grazing Management – Annual Weed Control – Phillip Graham

Animal Health Control and Farm Management – David Jordan

Organic or Sustainable Farming – G Jarrott

A Producer’s Approach to Sustainable Farming – Alan Druce

Plant Nutrition and Sustainable Grasslands Production: A Balanced Overview – Paul Dann

Quality of Pasture Species – John Mulholland

The Role and Place of Supplements and Protected Protein for Sheep and Cattle – Hugh Dove

A Practitioners Plans for Managing and Keeping Feed Quality – Jim Collins

Looking Back and Forward – LA Pockley


Contributed papers                                                                                             

‘Maku’ Lotus for Dairying and Beef – Martin Blumenthal, David Rawlinson and Dennis O’Keefe

Native Grasses for the Western Rangelands – Tony Grice, Alison Bowman and Ian Toole

Irrigation Frequency is the Key to Improved Pastures – J Dunbabin, M Ireson

Residual Effects of Simazine on Perennial Grass Establishment – Michael Keys

Production and Quality of Native Grasses – Michael Keys, Peter Simpson and Diane Munnich

Annual Grass Control in Pastures with Simazine – Michael Keys, Andrew Leys, Barney Milne and Dick Gammie

Herbicide Sensitivity of Year-long Green Native Grasses – Michael Keys, Peter Simpson

Grazing Management and Pasture Composition: Preliminary Results for Perennial Pastures at Orange – DR Kemp, PM Dowling and GD Millar

A Survey of Native Grasses in the Goulburn District and Factors Influencing their Abundance – Diane Munnich, Peter Simpson and Helen Ridings

Superphosphate Proves Valuable in Helping to Carry Ewes Through a Dry Season – Brett Riley

Wheat – Pasture Plus Grain – JL Davidson, KR Christian and PM Bremmer

Design and Wear of Pasture Sowing Points – Howard Caldow

The Contribution of Clover in a Subtropical Pasture to the Liveweight Gain of Hereford Steers – JB Robinson, KR Helyar and Z Hochman

Farm Business Management System for Graziers – D Godyn, A Muir

Paspalum: A Grass for Wetter Areas on the Tablelands – Paul Dann

Jerusalem Artichoke – A Perennial Fodder Crop? (Or Another Weed?) – Paul Dann

Strategy for Controlling Silver Grass – Vince Bradley

Wetter TX Improves Control of Silver Grass – Mike Gore

Legal Changes Affecting Agriculture – Mark O’Neill