Conference 2011


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Table of Contents from the 26th Conference Proceedings



26-28 JULY 2011 – Bathurst NSW








Table of Contents 2011


Invited Papers

Threats, realities and opportunities of grassland farming in the central Tablelands – K Behrendt, J Eppleston

Farming the grass curve in the context of changing opportunities in the Australian lamb market  – a central Tablelands perspective – GM Salmon, GJ Salmon

Developing livestock preventive medicine programs with grassland farmers – BR Watt

Performance for profit – M Ryan

Pseudo-science: a threat to agriculture? – DC Edmeades

Soil chemistry – facts and fiction and their influence on the fertiliser decision making process – N Menzies, D Harbison and P Dart

The Pegala Pastoral Company – Vertically integrating cropping and beef production systems – M Mason

Factors affecting pasture production in variable landscapes – how does it influence fertiliser use and other mangement issues? – B Hackney, P Orchard, D Kemp and B Orchard

Landscape and grazing management affects on pasture production and persistence on “Dunns Plains” – B Townson

Collaborate to survive and thrive – J Gladigau

Cereal based forage crops for hay and silage production – J Piltz, C Rodham, J Walker, P Matthews, B Hackney and JF Wilkins

Optimising the intake of feed by pasture-fed sheep and cattle – CT Westwood

Varying sheep production from different pasture types – J Brien


Contributed papers


Bioscapes –  an introduction to biodiversity in grazing landscapes – C Edwards

Surveys of grazing industry end-users in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge

On-farm monitoring of sheep and pasture production in the EverGraze northern New South Wales project – GM Lodge, MA Brennan, PT Sanson, BR Roworth and IJ Stace

Developing pasture and livestock benchmarks for sheep production in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge

Comparison of methods for estimating herbage mass in small plots – GM Lodge, S Harden

Using height and density to estimate the herbage mass of different pastures in northern New South Wales – GM Lodge, MA Brennan, PT Sanson, BR Roworth and IJ Stace

“Trevenna” sheep production demonstration site of methane emissions on the northern Tablelands of NSW – C Edwards, MJ McPhee, J Meckiff, N Ballie, D Schneider and R Hegarty

Using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to determine nutritive value of tropical perennial grasses – SP Boschma, SA Sissons and MJ Sissons

Herbicides evaluated for tropical perennial grasses – LH McCormick, SP Boschma, AS Cook and BM McCorkell

The value of  ‘alternative’ nitrogen fertiliser products on pasture.  1. Pasture production at three sites – CE Muir, N Griffiths and P  Beale

The value of  ‘alternative’ nitrogen fertiliser products on pasture.  2. Pasture quality and carryover effects at Tocal – CE Muir, N Griffiths and P Beale

The use of pig manure – a study at Wollun, NSW – C Edwards, M Duncan

Poster papers 

Managing tropical perennial grasses for livestock production – a case study – BR McGufficke

Benefits and uses of plantain (Plantago lanceolata) cv. Ceres Tonic in livestock production systems in New South Wales – HG Judson, AJE Moorhead

Australian breeding of persistent perennial ryegrass without endophyte – A Leddin

Effect of ensiling on weed seed viability – J Piltz, R Stanton, C Rodham and H Wu


Travel grant report

Report of travel to New Zealand to attend the 15th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference and visit two NZ AgResearch Institutes – MR Norton