Conference 2001


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 Table of Contents from the 16th Conference Proceedings



25 JULY 2001 – Gundagai NSW








Table of Contents 2001 


Invited Papers

Addressing Low Productivity of Grazing Farms – D Sackett

Successful adoption of change in a wool enterprise – R Strong

Tools to help balance the pasture feed supply – G Meaker

Putting the tools into practice – Beef – R Purcell

Putting the tools into practice – Wool – C Sheahan

Putting the tools into practice – Lamb – AJ Lehmann

Benchmarking the High Performance Pasture system with producers – M Monk

The importance of feed quality to animal performance – H Oddy, C Allan

Resource Management – Managing what we have – G Houston

Making Better Grazing Decisions – J O’Sullivan


Poster Papers

Chicory: The ‘Lucerne’ of Acid Soils – Brett Upjohn, Lori McGarva

Control of serrated tussock by applying flupropanate at 3- or 10-year intervals – MH Campbell, DT Vere and HI Nicol

Effect of lime and/or superphosphate on the profitability of a grazing enterprise – SJ Martin, KM Condon

Effect of lime on pH of a granite soil on the Northern Tablelands of NSW – C Harris, M Duncan

Estimating production risk for a grazing lease using GrassGro™ – L Salmon, R Simpson, G Burbidge, J Donnelly and A Stefanski

Fertilising Native Pastures – M Keys

Gland clover – a new insect resistant legume – BS Dear, GA Sandral, B Nutt, B Wilson, C Rodham and J Taylor

Grazing management and soil fertility effects on pasture quality – H Frame, L Warn and G McLarty

Helping graziers manage soil & landscape variability – M Keys, W Schumann

Lime influences pasture quality on the Northern Tablelands of NSW – C Harris, M Duncan

Long term lime effect on stocking rate on acid soils in South West Slopes NSW – GD Li, KR Helyar, RP Fisher, LJC Castleman, MC Wilson and MD Conyers

Low density sowing can increase lucerne dry matter production – EA Roesner

Perennial grass evaluation for southern mixed farming systems – MR Norton, EA Koetz and G Stewart

Soil acidity and phosphorus levels of permanent pasture paddocks on the southern and central tablelands of NSW – WG Schumann

Soil fertility and acidification in irrigated pastures in the Upper Hunter – N Nelson, J Christie

Towards improving the efficiency of fertiliser use in variable landscapes – B Hackney, J Virgona

Urana – a new highly winter active subterranean clover – GA Sandral, BS Dear, P Nichols, B Wilson, C Rodham and J Taylor

USA lucerne study tour – M Lattimore

Weed survey of the perennial pasture one of New South Wales – J Dellow, G Wilson, W King and B Auld

Your pasture paddocks. How variable are they? – B Hackney, J Virgona