Conference 1988

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Table of Contents from the 3rd Conference Proceedings




30 JUNE & 1 JULY 1988 – Orange NSW








Table of Contents 1988 


Contributed Papers

Annual legumes: the persistence and productivity of subterranean clover and medics – Brian Dear

Developments with perennial legumes – Warren McDonald

Serradella – A species for sandy acid soils – Sam Stephens

Practical experience with new lucerne cultivars for haymaking and grazing on irrigated beds – Martin Maynard, John Muir

Current and future developments with perennial grasses – Kevin Reed

Grasses for other environments – John Read

Farm performance of pasture grasses in the Southern Tablelands – Val Heffernan

Pasture composition for meat, wool and milk production – Hugh Dove

A pasture/forage system for prime lamb production – Roger Garland

Improved pastures for beef cattle – John Brooker

Weed control in pastures – The potential for biological control – Ernest Delfosse

Using goats, sheep and cattle for weed control – Richard Arnott

Soil and plant analysis as an aid to determining fertilizer needs – Ian Vimpany

Amending the soil: Farmer experience in the use of soil analysis – Max Mansfield

Budgeting for investment in pasture improvement – David Vere, Anne Muir

Producer experience of profit from pastures – Murray Branch

Farm cheque – Bringing it all together – Tim Burfitt


Poster Summaries

Evaluation of post-emergence herbicides for weed control in seedling phalaris pastures – Ross Watson, Neville Strachan and Mike Hill

Beds – Beneficial for difficult soils – Penny Dunstan,  John Muir

Seed coating – New management tool for pasture establishment – RG Northway

Domestication of Curly Mitchell grass – Bill Bellotti

Use of Landsat by district advisory officers – Ken Dawbin, Keith McCloy and Sandra Hardy

Effect of irrigation frequency on white clover and lucerne – Maryanne Lattimore, John Thompson

The nutritional value of selected forage species in Western NSW – Sue Muir

Yellow serradella – Tim Drew

Establishment of aerially sown pastures on cracking clay soils near Walgett – Malcolm Campbell, Bill Bellotti

Leaf growth and growing point development in perennial ryegrass in winter – David Kemp, CF Eagles and MD Humphreys

Establishment and development of aerially sown pastures on black earth soils near Coolah – Malcolm Campbell, Bob Freebairn

Steer fattening trial, Glen Innes – Brett Riley