Conference 1992

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Table of Contents from the 7th Conference Proceedings



8-9 JULY 1992 –Tamworth NSW









Table of Contents 1992


Invited Papers

Can you afford to keep your soil? – Robert Crouch

Tackling salinity on the farm – Bill Barber

Stabilising soils with pasture – Brian Murphy, Adrian Harte

Summer grasses – where do they fit? – Peter Thompson

Using summer and winter perennial pastures for soil improvement and profit – John Cull

Using winter perennials for soil improvement and profit – Reg Simson

Mixing farming and pastures – Ian Collett

Practical use of improved pastures in crop rotations: A north west New South Wales experience – Robert Anderson

Best bet fertiliser strategies – Part 1 – Robert Freebairn

Best bet fertiliser strategies – Part 2 – Graham Crocker

Reducing the guess work – soil testing – Graeme Blair

A successful fertiliser strategy on the Slopes – Jim Clifton

Thirty years of phosphate fertiliser application on a New England Tablelands grazing property – Edmund Wyndham, Alward Wyndham

Fertilisers and the environment – Ian Vimpany

Soil minerals and animal health – Jim Langlands

Putting it altogether – Des Green

Pastures, livestock and the bottom line – Graham Peart


Contributed Papers and Posters

Spreading Scale Insects to Control Sifton Bush (Cassinia arcuata) and other Cassinia spp. – Malcolm Campbell

Use of Roundup® (glyphosate) for Control of tussock Sedge (Carex appressa) – Malcolm Campbell, Barney Milne

The Relationship between Pasture Yield and Height for Phalaris Pasture – David Kemp, Geoffrey Millar

Herbage Quality of Two yearlong Green Native Grasses – Peter Simpson

Establishment of Surface-Sown Pastures in Wheat Stubble in North Western New South Wales – Malcolm Campbell, Alison Bowman

Pasture Response to Lime on Acid Sodic Soils – Colin Mullen

Getting Value for the Wool Growers’ Research Dollar – Hugh Hamilton

Species for Saline Soils on the Northern Tablelands – Desmond FitzGerald, Philip Fogarty

The Impact of Grazing Interval on Production and Persistence of a Ryegrass/White Clover Pasture in the Subtropics – Bill Fulkerson, Katrina Slack

Linking Soil, Pastures and Livestock in Pasture Management – Des Lang

The yield Performance of White Clover Cultivars on the Northern Tablelands of NSW – John Ayres, Desmond FitzGerald

Monitoring the Extent and Density of Woody Weeds in Western NSW – Maria Cofinas, Sharon Weir

Using 100 years of Gunnedah Rainfall Records to Investigate the Role of Pasture in Reducing Water Table Recharge – Peter Hayman

Evaluation of Perennial Grass Cultivars for the Northern Tablelands – Desmond FitzGerald, John Ayres and Jeff Lowien

Some Effects and Risks of Manipulating a Native Pasture on the Central Tablelands of NSW – Bill Semple, Doug Waterhouse

Native Grasses on the Farm – Hidden Treasures – Peter Dowling, Denys Garden

Prime Pasture Project – Michael Keys

Native Grass Pastures – Some Current Research on the Central and Southern Tablelands – Peter Dowling, Denys Garden, Peter Simpson and David Eddy

Viability of Illyrian Thistle Seed Following Ingestion by Goats and Sheep – Cameron Allan