Conference 1997

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28-30 JULY 1997 – Dubbo NSW









Table of Contents 1997


Invited Papers

The benefits of a pasture ley in cereal cropping – Errol Weston, Ram Dalal, Wayne Strong and John Lehane

Perennial pastures in the whole farm system – Scott Chambers

Nitrogen fixation by pastures in dryland farming systems – Mark Peoples, Robert Gault, John Angus, Alison Bowman, John Brockwell, David Kemp, Matthew McCallum, John Paul, Paul Quigley, Penny Riffkin, Glen Scammell and Ted Wolfe

Using lucerne in a cereal cropping system – Peter O’Brien

Pastures for acid soils in the north and central west – RD Freebairn, CL Mullen and BA Mathews

Temperate pastures on acid soils – Does liming pay? – Robert Sutherland

Plants to modify the water table – The potential of native grasses to reduce recharge – Meredith Mitchell, Craig Clifton, Bill Johnston and Ian Cole

Plants to modify the water table – The role of shrubs and woody forbs – Peter Milthorpe, IH Hume, DC Mitchell, and MC Yee

Using saltbush and other plants on saline soils – John Grieg

The cost of establishing a good pasture – Part A – Bruce Watt

The cost of establishing a good pasture – Part B – Haydon Wass

The economic returns from pasture development – Greg O’Brien

What to do and where to go for financial assistance for pasture development – Clive Sefton

Lending for pasture establishment and improvement – Jon Blissett

Grazing to manage natural grasslands – Richard Silcock, Peter Martin

Managing perennial grasses for livestock production – Peter Weston

Grazing systems in practice – Bill Waugh

Harvesting and sowing native grasses – Ian Cole, Cathy Waters


Contributed papers and posters

Niche potential and forage value of Elymus scaber var. scaber on the Northern Tablelands – Michelle Murphy

Bothriochloa macra, B. biloba, why is one common and the other rare? – Some embryological evidence – P Yu, N Prakash and RDB Whalley

Germination response of Glycine tabacina to temperature and light – BE Heard, RDB Whalley

Natural grasslands on slopes of the Garrawillie Creek subcatchment, Liverpool plains, New South Wales – JM Bean, RDB Whalley

Persistence of native and introduced perennial grasses on an acid soil – Peter Simpson

Glycine latifolia – A native legume with potential – GT McIntosh, AM Bowman and RS Jessop

Evaluation of white clover cultivars for dryland pastures in northern NSW –LA Lane, JF Ayres, JR Caradus and RD Murison

Drought recovery of temperate perennial pastures on the northern tablelands – JF Ayres, AD Turner and PG Kamphorst

Persistence of sown pastures legumes under grazing in north eastern New South Wales – AM Bowman, GPH Wilson

Pasture composition survey of southern NSW – Annabel Bowcher, Jim Virgona

Establishment of surface-sown perennial grasses on the north western plains of New South Wales – MH Campbell, AM Bowman

Evaluation of landholders’ attitudes towards perennial pasture systems in southern NSW and the role of Consol lovegrass – D Brown, G Jackson, A Andrews and W Johnston

Breeding phalaris for better survival under adverse conditions – RA Culvenor, WM Kelman and RN Oram

Survival of phalaris cultivars through the 1994 drought at Canberra – RA Culvenor

Productive pastures and the CRC for Weed Management Systems – Ursula Taylor

Spot treatment of blue heliotrope with Graslan® – John Unwin

Reactive phosphate rock: an effective fertiliser for NSW pastures? – PWG Sale, D Garden

The performance of set-stocked pastures on the northern tablelands of NSW through severe drought – CA Harris, JF Ayres

Practical grazing management for lucerne in NSW western wheat belt – RB Thompson, GJ Kemister

How can graziers manage perennial grasses to survive through drought – JM Scott, SP Boschma and GG Rapp

Using seasonal rainfall probabilities to predict drought risk – Anthony Casanova

The benefits of increasing defoliation interval – Judi Earl

Management aids for rangeland pastoralists – Ruth Maxey, Lori McGarva

The role of farmer knowledge in developing sustainable pasture and grazing systems – Joanne Millar, Allan Curtis

A comparison between ‘sudden death’ poisoning in sheep grazing phalaris pastures, at Dubbo, Naracoorte and Esperance – CA Bourke

The association of soil cobalt with the incidence of phalaris ‘staggers’ on phalaris pastures in central NSW – CA Bourke

The biosolids revolution – Cathy Bruce, Roger Patricks