Conference 1996

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Table of Contents from the 11th Conference Proceedings



10-11 JULY 1996 – Wagga Wagga NSW








Table of Contents 1996


Invited Papers

Can big energy users survive in low nutrient ecosystems – Tim Flannery

Riverina grasslands – A personal history – Martin Driver

The Pooginook story – A fundamental change in decision making – David Taylor

Development of native perennial grasses for grazing – Bill Johnston

Thinking holistically on the saltbush plains – Mark Rowe

Grazing by numbers makes lucerne last – Rex Williams

Pastures that work in lower rainfall areas – John Daunt

Twenty years of lucerne management – Bernard Hart

How plant physiology can help us achieve better grazing management – Richard Simpson, Stephen Clark, Doug Alcock, Mike Freer, John Donnelly and Andrew Moore

How can I make my pastures more profitable – Grant Burbidge

Perennial pastures in a crop-ley farming system – A personal perspective – Don Dyce

Dung beetles: past, present and future – John Feehan

Integrated management of red legged earth mite in pastures – David James

Why I am sowing chicory – Don Kirkpatrick

Grassland management in NSW: The evolution of an approach – Ian Garrard

What is a native grassland? – John Benson

SEPP 46 dealing with the broader community’s expectations: A grazier’s perspective – Jim Litchfield


Contributed papers and posters      

Sowing depth and emergence of seedlings of Microlaena stipoides – RDB Whalley, DJ Beckers

Herbage yield of some native perennial grasses – David Eddy, Denys Garden

Forage quality of some native perennial grasses – David Eddy, Denys Garden

A comparison of herbage production of a range of Danthonia spp. – David Eddy, Denys Garden

Methods of establishing trees on non-arable land to control weeds – MH Campbell, HI Nicol

A comparison of the performance of softseeded and hardseeded subterranean clover cultivars prior to and after the drought of 1994 – GA Sandral, BS Dear

Farmer best management practices for lucerne in 350-450 mm rainfall zone – J Whiteley, M Lattimore, R Thompson, G Kemister and P Lukins

Annual grass control in seeding phalaris and cocksfoot – BS Dear, GA Sandral

The effect of pre-emergent herbicides on perennial grass seedlings – GA Sandral, BS Dear

The competitive performance of a weed with introduced grasses in acid soils – BB Rubzen, EC Wolfe and KR Helyar

Consol lovegrass outcompetes spiny burr grass – Robert Freebairn, Bryan Matthews

The tolerance of common weeds and native grasses to acid soils – BB Rubzen, EC Wolfe and KR Helyar

The distribution and significance of saffron thistle (Carthamus lanatus) in NSW – NS Crump, CJ Ash and A Nikandrow

Tolerance of native grasses to Frenock® and Roundup® – MH Campbell, R Van de Ven

Glyphosate resistance in annual ryegrass – Jim Pratley, Peter Baines, Phillip Eberbach, Maurice Incerti and John Broster

Preliminary survey of the incidence of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) staggers in central tablelands of NSW – Warwick Wheatley

Phytophthora root rot, spotted clover aphids and phosphorus deficiency limit growth of irrigated subterranean clover – Gordon Murray, Kerry Wratten and Wendy Milne

Using satellite imagery to achieve more efficient fertiliser use in Central & Southern Tablelands pastures in NSW – John Crichton, Ian McGowen

The response of a phalaris-based pasture to nitrogen fertilisation – JM Virgona, A Oates

Changes in plant frequency within a grazed pasture under ten different fertiliser regimes – RD FitzGerald, BR McGufficke

Critical parameters for monitoring annual leys – JA Paul, EC Wolfe and PD Cregan

Grazing strategies to get more out of Coolatai grass – LH McCormick, GM Lodge

Managing perennial pastures – Mike Keys, Mike Darby

Some characteristics of summer-growing (C4) perennial grass patches that occur in improved pasture – Annabel Bowcher, Jim Virgona

 Improving Lotus persistence through management: site establishment – Martin Blumenthal, John O’Connor, John Ayres,Leah Lane, Zvi Hochman and Jim Hindmarsh

The temperate pasture sustainability key program: gathering the knowledge and skills to implement grazing management strategies – GM Lodge

The persistence of introduced pasture species through severe drought on the northern tablelands of NSW – JF Ayres, AD Turner and PG Kamphorst

Fescue for meat project – Frank Johnson, Gavin Milne and Tony Stratton

The estimation of biomass by a rod-point method – JA Paul, EC Wolfe and PD Cregan


Travel grant report                                                                      

Report on travel grant to attend the Fifteenth Asian-Pacific Weed Society Conference in Tsukuba, Japan, 24-28 July 1995 – Peter Dowling