Conference 2006


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Table of Contents from the 21st Conference Proceedings



 25-27 JULY 2006 – Wagga Wagga NSW







Table of Contents 2006 


Invited Papers 

Setting the scene: ‘Farming – a great means of wealth creation, but who is managing it’ – Peter Jacobs

The economic cost of weeds in pasture systems – Randall Jones, Jack Sinden

Weed introductions – what has been learned from the past that can help stop future weed problems – Lynley Stone

Weed management principles for permanent and ley pastures – David Kemp

New and existing weed threats in southern NSW – Birgitte Verbeek

The weed control paradox or how and when do I learn to love my weeds? Major pasture weeds in northern NSW – Andrew Storrie

Conquering serrated tussock at ‘Yellangalo’ – Alison Nicholls

Utilisation of pastures dominated by Coolatai grass (Hyparrhenia hirta) in Northern NSW – Steve Hunt

Assessing the extent of serrated tussock resistance to the herbicide, flupropanate in Australia – DA McLaren, S Ramasamy, AC Lawrie, TA Morfe and G Pritchard

Herbicide tolerance of seedling perennial grasses – options for improving establishment – Brian Dear

Herbicide tolerance of pasture legumes and herbs – Peter Lockley

Are you importing weeds onto your property – Michael Moerkerk

Biological control of pasture weeds in New South Wales – an update of current research – Royce Holtkamp

Successful biological control of Paterson’s curse – Max Cowie

Timing pasture cutting for weed management – Annabel Bowcher

Making quality silage and hay from pastures containing weeds – JW Piltz, HM Burns

Fodder conservation and weed control – Frank Austin

Winning the war against bare ground and broadleaf weeds with grazing management – results from the Broadford Grazing Experiment 1998-2003 – Kate Sargeant, Lisa Warn and Gary McLarty

Managing weeds through effective grazing – Chris Wright, Margot Wright

Shifting from sheep to cattle and its effect on pasture weeds – Bryan Corrigan

Problems in livestock grazing weeds – Luzia Rast

Balancing enterprises on a whole farm basis for improved economic viability and weed management – David Michalk, Warwick Badgery, Geoff Millar and Randall Jones


Poster papers                                                                                     

A 2005 snapshot of dryland farming management within the mid and lower Murrumbidgee catchment – VL Davis

Saltbush – its value as a supplement for finishing prime lambs in summer/autumn in southern NSW – G Duddy, B Hackney

Paddock Plants field days – helping landholders to recognise and manage common pasture species – C Edwards, B Clements, C Rose and L McWhirter

Grass tetany – property risk diagnosis – MG Elliott

Controlling saffron thistle using grazing management – BS Grace, RDB Whalley, AW Sheppard and BM Sindel

Best management practices for dryland cropping systems: great brome and fumitory – CM Griffiths

Pasture legumes and grasses for the Monaro region of southern NSW – B Hackney, G Dyce and C Rodham

Tolerance of seedling plantain to broadleaf weed herbicides – B Hackney, B Dear, G Dyce and C Rodham

Selection of alternative ‘lucernes’ and native legumes for Australian farming systems – RC Hayes, BS Dear and GD Li

Managing wireweed in spring-sown pastures – RC Hayes, BS Dear, GD Li, JM Virgona, MK Conyers and BF Hackney

Effect of lime on the persistence and production of two chicory cultivars on an acid soil – RC Hayes, BS Dear and GD Li

What is Chilean needle grass? – LJ Iaconis

Establishment of perennial wallaby grass (Austrodanthonia caespitosa) compared with annual rye corn as a citrus mid-row ground cover crop for semi arid areas – PJ Jessop, JA Giddings

Angel medic tolerates sulfonylurea herbicide residues in south western NSW – PJ Jessop, JH Howie

Profitability of liming and fertilising native pastures in the Yass district  – FJ Leech

Long-term lime effect on pasture and sheep performance. 1. Pasture botanical composition changes – GD Li, MK Conyers, RJ Lowrie and GJ Poile

Long-term lime effect on pasture and animal performance 2. Sheep responses – GD Li, MK Conyers, RJ Lowrie and GJ Poile

Flood induced recruitment of lippia (Phyla canescens) – MJ Macdonald, RDB Whalley, BM Sindel, MH Julien and JA Duggin

Arming weeds advisors with knowledge – AC McCaffery

Regional best practice management of Chilean Needle Grass (Nassella neesiana) – New South Wales preliminary trial results – L McWhirter, J Lowien, C Grech, DA McLaren and BM Sindel

A holistic approach to the control of weedy Sporobolus species – KC Moore

Pasture production, animal performance and weed population changes under three fertiliser treatments on granite derived soil on the Monaro – J Powells, L Pope

Pasture production, animal performance and weed population changes under three fertiliser treatments on basalt derived soil on the Monaro – J Powells, L Pope

Cane needle grass, Nassella hyalina, on North Wagga Flats – DG Read, AS Craig

Distribution of phosphorus levels across the Healthy Soils for Healthy Landscapes and Benchmarking Soil Chemistry projects for cropping and pasture systems – SE Roberts, K Andersson, N Murphy, C McMaster and S Tate

Long term control of blue heliotrope (Heliotropium amplexicaule) using Graslan® and tropical grasses – KJ Schulze, J Unwin

Noxious weed legislation. 1. Changes to the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 – B Verbeek

Noxious weed legislation. 2. What do changes to the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 mean to you? – B Verbeek