Conference 1991

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Table of Contents from the 6th Conference Proceedings




5-6 JUNE 1991 –Orange NSW








Table of Contents 1991


Invited Papers

The contribution of perennials to stability and productivity of rangelands in the pastoral zone – Tony Grice

Managing to maintain desirable perennials – Ron Rees

Domestication of native perennial grasses – problems and potential – Alison Bowman

Aerial seeding – rewards and risks at Goondiwindi – John Wettenhall

Defining the boundaries & manipulating the system – David Kemp

Sustainable pasture/crop systems – whole farm management – Tony Lehmann

Filling in the feed gaps – direct drilling oats into phalaris – Bryan Ward

Forage conservation – A key to productivity in the 90’s – Don Sapienza

Aerial agriculture and the environment – the conservation case – Harvey Baker

Aerial spraying – minimising the risk – Peter Weatherstone

Aerial agriculture is essential for improvement of grasslands in New South Wales – Malcolm Campbell, David Vere

Aerial agriculture in action – on farm results in the control of serrated tussock – Roy Reynolds

Perennials in the pipeline – new cultivars for acid soils – Rex Oram

Do perennial pastures reduce soil acidity? – Keith Helyar

Biological control of weeds – update on friendly fungi, bugs and grubs – Ernest Delfosse, Jim Cullen

Tolerance of perennial pastures to herbicides – Warren McDonald

Annual grass invasion – control costs and production losses – Richard Bloomfield

Herbicide resistance – a potential problem for perennial pastures? – Steve Sutherland, Andrew Leys


Contributed papers

Chicory: A New Forage Herb for the New South Wales Central Tablelands and Slopes  – Mary Goodacre, David Kemp

Perennial Ryegrasses with Late Spring and Summer Production Potential – Peter Neilson

Perennial Pastures – Hidden Benefits Unearthed – Des Lang

Phalaris Absorbs more Soil Moisture at Depth than Perennial Ryegrass – Geoff Millar

Dowling Kemp Michalk Millar Goodacre 1991 – Peter Dowling, David Kemp, David Michalk, Geoff Millar and Mary Goodacre

Phalaris Toxicity in Sheep Involves Two Separate Diseases – Chris Bourke

Top Dressing Pastures with Selenium – Brett Riley

Pasture Topping with Roundup CT®: Benefits for Cattle Production – Stephen Ainsworth

Research on Mycoherbicides for Control of Xanthium spp. – Bruce Auld, Cheryl McRae and Louise Morin

Possible Bio-Control of Sifton bush (Cassinia arcuata) by scale insects – Malcolm Campbell, Peter Wykes

Herbicides for Control of Sifton bush (Cassinia arcuata) – Barney Milne, David Michalk

Effects of Soil Acidity in the Yeoval Area – S Orr, A Bulkeley, M Strachan and V Collins

Relative Tolerance of Yellow Serradella Cultivars to Al and Mn – Brendan Scott, Time Drew and David Michalk

Orange Agricultural Research and Veterinary Centre – Mike Curll, Chris Weale