Last newsletter for 2016

The last newsletter for 2016 has just come out and as usual is chock full of great info. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and fantastic seasons for 2017.

Volume 31, Number 4, 2016 (pdf file 3575kb)

  • Editorial – Carol Harris
  • Pasture Update Reports
  • Producing store lambs on a Microlaena stipoides dominated pasture – the impact of grazing management and stocking rate – NP Linden, ML Mitchell, S Norng and LL Slocombe
  • Temperate perennial pasture establishment guide now available online
  • Farming Together
  • Merino Superior Sires – New edition now available
  • How to manage grass seeds
  • Research Update
  • AGnVet, Grassland Society of NSW and Auswest Seeds Holbrook Field Day
  • From the President – David Harbison

Grazing App survey

Researchers from NSW DPI are developing a GrazingApp to guide grazing management decisions for sheep and cattle grazing. GrazingApp will budget feed on an individual paddock and whole farm basis. It has potential to improve the accuracy of grazing management decisions to reduce risk and enhance profit. To develop the tool that you need they want your help.

Go to and fill in a short survey on what drives your grazing decisions. It will only take about 10 minutes of your time.

WLA Scholarships available for women in agriculture

Opportunities remain available for women in the Australian Agriculture sector to access up to $8,000 in scholarship funding to assist them to participate in a number of the country’s premier women’s development programs. The initiative is part of a nationwide push to support and elevate women leaders throughout the Agriculture sector.

To ensure equitable distribution of scholarships throughout the sector, it is appropriate that the information is disseminated by a respected organisations and associations in collaboration with Women and Leadership Australia. As part of this process, the Grassland Society of NSW wishes to make these opportunities known to members who may be eligible – we urge you to apply before scholarship funding is exhausted.

Scholarships are available to women at three key management levels:

  • Experienced senior and executive leaders are eligible to apply for an $8,000 scholarship to assist their participation in the Advanced Leadership Program.
  • Mid-level managers are eligible to apply for a $4,000 scholarship to assist their participation in the Executive Ready Program.

Please note: WLA programs are highly exclusive developmental experiences and admission into these programs requires successful application. Annual intakes are limited.

To make a scholarship enquiry, please fill out the Expression of Interest form here.  Following submission of your expression of interest form a WLA scholarship advisor will make contact to provide further information.

Should you wish to discuss the initiative in more detail please contact Ian Johnson at Women and Leadership Australia’s Head Office on 03 9270 9016 or via

Third Newsletter for 2016 now online

The latest issue of the Society Newsletter (Vol31, No.3) is now online.

Volume 31, Number 3, 2016 (pdf file 1449kb)

  • Editorial – Carol Harris
  • Liveweight gain by cattle grazing native pasture or improved pasture sown on rehabilitated mine
    land – Upper Hunter study – Neil Griffiths, Lester McCormick and Neil Nelson
  • Upcoming Pasture Updates
  • Research Update
  • Barbervax – the state of play – David Smith
  • MLA to host forum on red meat industry’s digital future
  • Magnesium defciency in livestock – Nigel Brown
  • From the President – David Harbison

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Second 2016 newsletter now online

The latest edition of the Society newsletter is now available online to members and features heaps of great info as usual.

Volume 31, Number 2, 2016 (pdf file 20686kb)

  • Editorial – Carol Harris
  • Pasture Updates – what’s new
  • LambEx 2016
  • Three things you need to know when grazing crops- Shawn McGrath
  • Russian wheat aphid
  • Research Update
  • Not just bees: the buzz on our other vital insect
    helpers – Romina Rader, Manu Saunders and Saul Cunningham
  • History of Grassland Society of NSW – the first 30
    years – Malcolm Campbell and Carol Harris
  • From the President – David Harbison

Note that those interesting in attending LambEx 2016 should be aware that financial members of the Grassland Society are eligible for a $150 cash back on the registration fee but you need to act quickly as registrations are just about closed.

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First newsletter for 2016 now online

The first newsletter for 2016 is now online so check it out at the link below (or via the Publications menu above).

Some great reading including information on the upcoming Australian Grassland Association Symposium in Armidale on June 7th-9th.

Volume 31, Number 1, 2016 (pdf file 1016kb)

  • Editorial – Carol Harris
  • Is it time to revisit management of soil acidity? – Helen Burns and Dr Mark Norton
  • The end of summer – assessing the outlook for 2016 in northern NSW – Sean Murphy and Lester McCormick
  • Bureau of Meteorology Climate Outlook for March to May 2016
  • The influence of herbicides on soil fungi in grazing systems
  • Research Update
  • Doing the numbers on ewes – reprinted from
  • Grass seed management starts now – reprinted from
  • From the President – David Harbison

Final newsletter for 2015 now online

Here is the final Society newsletter for 2015 (Volume 30, Number 4) and it is jam-packed full of reading for those who are lucky enough to get a short break over Christmas.

From all of us at the Grassland Society of NSW, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. May the seasons be kind to you over 2016 and beyond.

See below for the Newsletter index:

Volume 30, Number 4, 2015 (pdf file 3800kb)

  • Editorial – Carol Harris
  • Improving phosphorus efficiency in pastures – Timothy McLaren
  • Grass roots research reaching local producers
  • Farmers gain tips on maximising beef production per hectare
  • Research Update
  • Desmanthus showing promise in northern inland NSW – Trudie Atkinson
  • Number and nitrogen fixation capacity of rhizobia in soils
  • List of some of the rhizobial strains used in Australian inoculants
  • This dog has a nose for weeds – Hillary Cherry
  • Bureau issues Climate Outlook for December to February
  • World leading research steers to genetic improvement in cattle
  • From the President’s Desk – David Harbison

Newsletter V30_#3 is now online

New edition of the Society Newsletter is now online:


Volume 30, Number 3, 2015 (pdf file 940kb)

  • Editorial – Carol Harris
  • Faces from the Conference
  • Number and nitrogen fixation capacity of rhizobia in soils
  • Rural women to Gather in the Glen
  • A hungrier, wealthier, choosier, smarter, riskier world: five challenges for Australian agriculture -Sandra Eady and Stefan Hajkowicz
  • MLA delivers new look website
  • Research Update
  • Carbon neutral farming at Talaheni Yass, NSW – Natalie Doran-Browne
  • From the President’s Desk – David Harbison

2015 Conference Proceedings



The Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference are now available online.

Members only so you will need to login to view any of the documents.  If you need assistance with logging in, please contact us here.