Graduate Certificate in Precision Agriculture

Australia’s first and only Graduate Certificate in Precision Agriculture will be offered by the University of New England, commencing in January 2012.

This study program is the fruit of more than 30 years’ combined experience within the University’s Precision Agriculture Research Group, Australia’s largest group working on the development and application of precision agriculture technologies in a variety of industries – including broadacre cropping, horticulture, viticulture, and livestock systems.

Students will gain knowledge and hands-on experience with current and emerging precision agriculture technologies like EM38 soil sensors, GNSS survey equipment, ground-based optical plant canopy sensors, airborne optical sensors, livestock tracking technologies, the ‘Pastures from Space’ program, and both farm-specific and generic geographical information systems.

This industry-informed course involves the completion of four semester-long units. The two core units, “Precision Agriculture” and “Introduction to Geographical Information Systems”, cover  global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and their application; handling spatial data and the practical use of geographic information systems (GIS); the application of remote sensing to agricultural landscapes; soil, vegetation and yield variability and the sensors used to measure it; livestock tracking and pasture management systems; the economics of precision agriculture; and issues associated with the adoption of new technologies.

The Grad Cert Precision Ag course is available for study both on and off campus, and can be completed part-time over one or two years. The Grad Cert Precision Ag course is open to graduates who hold a bachelor degree; or non-graduates that can demonstrate adequate qualifications and/or industry relevant experience.

To apply or get more information:

Contact Dr Mark Trotter ( or Prof David Lamb (

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