2009 Conference Photos

Just a small selection of photos from the 2009 Annual Conference courtesy of Carol Harris (Glen Innes DPI).  The annual conference is a great way to meet up with others in the pastoral industries, learn about and discuss new research and developments, participate in field trips and view a great range of trade displays.  If you have not attended a conference before, why not make a date for 2010.


The Conference Dinner is an excellent opportunity to meet others in the industry – this year, the after-dinner speaker was Heath Francis, gold medal winning Para-Olympian.


A wealth of information on offer from guest speakers, poster and trade displays.


This group attended the Flood Plains field trip which inspected this 500 cow dairy.  Other tours looked at silage contracting, and a range of setaria/kikuyu pastures.

Mongolia Tour – July 2008

Those members who read Mike Key’s report on his trip to China to attend the 21st International Grassland Congress in the newsletter earlier this year, may be interested to read more about the region in this Travel Report by Sally Green.

Sally and Des attended the Post Conference Tour of Mongolia and found it extremely interesting if not a little tiring due to the long travel times needed to get around the area – see the third photo below as an example.

To read more about this Conference Tour, please download the pdf file below:

Mongolian Tour_July08

Sally has also provided some great photos of the tour – click below to view them.  The Nadaam Games were a highlight of the tour – see more info about this traditional festival in this Wikipedia article.

Nadaam Games 2008 - Mongolia

Nadaam Games 2008 (Mongolia) - a traditional festival featuring wrestling, horse racing and archery competitions.

Typical scene in Mongolia

Horses are very important culturally in Mongolia.

The road out of Ulanbaatar! Formed road was impassable so everyone drives across the pasture - see our two buses

The road out of Ulanbaatar! Formed road was impassable so everyone drives across the pasture - see our two buses

Taken on way back to UB near Tsterleg - typical Mongolian pasture.

Taken on way back to UB near Tsterleg - typical Mongolian pasture.

Grassland Extravaganza – Bredbo

Late Notice for this field day to be held at Bredbo on the 30th November – YES, this Sunday so not much time.  BBQ lunch and refreshments will be available and vegetation/wildlife experts on hand to consult.  See the flyer for program and location details:

Download the Flyer here for more information ( pdf file 1.1MB in size) or go to the website at www.k2c.org.au).

The field day will be put on by K2C  (Kosciuszko 2 Coast) – a community partnership established to help landholders reconnect isolated woodlands and grasslands between Kosciuszko and Namadgi National Parks and the coastal forests of the Far South Coast.


Newsletter Vol.23 No.4 now online

Last newsletter for 2008 is now online with lots of excellent articles.

Click here to download Volume 23, Number 4, 2008 (pdf file 865kb)

  • Editorial – Haydn Lloyd-Davies
  • Closure of research stations – Haydn Lloyd-Davies
  • Tropical pastures on tour at Tamworth – Suzanne Boschma
  • All round sound pasture management wins coveted competition – Bob Freebairn
  • Retirement of Dr John Ayres – Carol Harris
  • XXIIth International Congreee in 2013
  • Escalating phosphorus costs – Phil Graham, Richard Simpson, Alan Richardson
  • Enabling suitable conditions for recruitment of desirable perennial grass seedlings with existing pastures – Roshan Thapa
  • From the President’s Desk – Mick Duncan

 Remember, if you have trouble logging into the member area of the website where these newsletters are archived, just contact us at admin@grasslandnsw.com.au for assistance.

Links and Sponsors updated

Just a quick note to let members know that the Sponsors page has been updated for 2008/09.  The Society is very grateful to our sponsors for their financial support which helps to support our activities – see the sponsors page for a full list of contributors.

Additionally, the List of Links has been updated – correcting a few out of date links and adding a couple.  Please remember, this is a resource for all members so if you would like to suggest a link, just drop us an email (admin@grasslandnsw.com.au) or use the comments box to add your suggestion.

Drought is a continuing problem for much of the state so we’ve reinstated the Drought Information page.  Unfortunately, we cant make it rain, but if you need a quick reference on where to find assistance or advice, please use out this list of website and hotline numbers. 



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