Agricultural Brain Drain

Found this interesting article on the ABC website today.

“Australia is set to lose up to half of its agricultural science and business professionals in the next five years, industry leaders have warned….Professor Jim Pratley, the secretary of the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture, says coupled with declining university enrolments, the loss of senior agricultural professionals means Australia is seeing a brain drain when it is needed most.”

The article highlights some serious issues about staffing in agricultural research currently.  It is clear that government funding of agricultural research has been under significant pressure in recent years –  while the figures seem to indicate that there are plenty of jobs out there for agricultural graduates, retaining these graduates within the industry seems to be difficult.

Interested to hear your comments on this problem – or maybe you do not think it is a problem?   Comments are closed on the ABC article but you can add your opinion below if you would like to discuss this issue:

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